(日本語) 4月28日(日)開演18:30(開場17:45)終演20:30予定 会場:薬師寺大講堂前特設会場 (日本語) ※終演
(日本語) 【追加公演】4月29日(月・祝)開演18:30(開場17:45)終演20:30予定 会場:薬師寺大講堂前特設会場 (日本語) ※終演





Tomomi Nishimoto

Tomomi Nishimoto

Tomomi Nishimoto is the current Artistic Director/Principal Conductor
of the IlluminArt Philharmonic Orchestra.
She concurrently serves as the Music Partner with the Japan Philharmonic Orchestra,
Music Director and the Principal Conductor of the Royal Chamber Orchestra,
and the Visiting Professor at Osaka College of Music (Nishimoto’s Alma Mater) as of 2014.
She also serves as the very first honorary ambassador
of the city of Hirado in Nagasaki Prefecture
and as the Osaka International Cultural Ambassador for the city of Osaka.

After graduating from the Osaka College of Music with a Bachelor of Music in Composition,
she went abroad to study Opera and Symphony Conducting
at the Saint Petersburg State Conservatory in Russia.
She later becomes the first foreigner to serve as the Principal Guest Conductor
for both the State Symphony Orchestra of Russia (Svetlanov Symphony Orchestra)
and the St. Petersburg Mussorgsky State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre.
While she continues to expand her European activities
through successful performances with ensembles that include:
British Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Bruckner Orchestra Linz,
Monte Carlo Philharmonic Orchestra, Hungarian State Opera House, the Prague State Opera,
and the Odessa National Academic Theater of Opera and Ballet.
Nishimoto is making her presence known in the United States as well.
She made her American debut by conducting the American Symphony Orchestra at the Carnegie Hall. From 2011 on, she is regularly invited to the Westchester Philharmonic Orchestra in the United States.
Her activities in Asia include performances in Hong Kong, South Korea, and Taiwan,
along with major orchestras within Japan.

Nishimoto has also been invited to perform at numerous music festivals,
including Split Summer Festival, Dubrovnik Summer Festival, Prague Proms, and Vilnius Music Festival.

Recently, Nishimoto has also been experimenting with new genre of music
by taking in traditional aspects of Japanese cultures.
She has already performed a collaboration of opera and traditional Japanese theatre,
as well as the restoration performance of long lost Min'yō tunes.

Aside from music, Nishimoto is active as a member of the Young Global Leader
at the World Economic Forum held in Davos annually.
In 2012, she completed the Harvard Kennedy School’s Executive Education Program
in public leadership as a fully funded fellow.

In November 2013, Nishimoto lead the IlluminArt Philharmonic at the Vatican Music Festival.
Following on this success, she has plans to unfold her activities in Brazil and in Southeast Asia in 2014.

Nishimoto continues to garner worldwide reputations through her global tours and activities.

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IlluminArt Philharmonic Orchestra

IlluminArt Philharmonic Orchestra

(日本語) イルミナート合唱団

(日本語) イルミナート合唱団


埋もれた音楽の復元演奏、ワークショップ等での舞台制作を軸に活動し、芸術・文化を通して社会に貢献できる団を目指し活動中。2014年よりヴァチカン国際音楽祭でのサン ピエトロ大聖堂に於ける【ローマ教皇代理ミサ】の演奏はヴァチカン放送により世界同時中継されている。 

高野山開創1200年記念音楽法要、京都南座、新橋演舞場でのオペラ「蝶々夫人」、「泉涌寺音舞台」、「帝国ホテル芸術祭」、世界初演「INNOVATION OPERAストゥーパ~新卒塔婆小町~」等に出演。