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Mari Hamada

Mari Hamada

Mari Hamada is the top-grossing female rock artist.
In 1987, "In the Precious Age" was announced.
This album was recorded in an overseas recording studio
with a hired prominent music producer/musician.

In 1988, The NHK theme of the Seoul Olympics "Heart and Soul", was released.
In 1989 "Return to Myself ~" which is one of the most popular song of hers, was released.

Starting the 1990s was the album "Colors"(Oricon's first appearance as a label),
"Tomorrow", "Anti-Heroine",
which were big hits in quick succession (up to number 1 on Japanese charts).

In 1993 she participated in the charity group "Used To Be A Child",
changing the location of musical activities into places around Asia,
in 1994 performances in Europe were carried out, as well as further locations overseas.
Then, in 1996 the album "Persona" was announced,
but it was decided to take a brief pause from the live performances thereafter.

In 2002, there was a concert after a 9-year break in Japan at Akasaka Blitz.

In 2010, album "Aestetica" was broadcast, and was turned into a DVD performance
of the Nakano Sun Plaza portion of the related tour,
"Mari Hamada Live in Tokyo 'Aestetica' " 2 weeks after release,
this was ranked 3rd in the charts,
and in week 8 it was also in the overall chart 9th for Oricon DVD Daily Chart music month.
In 2012 album "Legenda" was released,
ranking 5th on the Oricon Music Daily Chart and 9th (week # 23) in the Daily CD album chart.

In 2013 the DVD from the "Legenda"-Tour was released,
recorded at May, 26th, 2012 at Nakano Sunplaza Hall in Tokyo..

At April 27th, 2014 Mari finally play her special anniversary concert in Tokyo.

KURITA Hirofumi

KURITA Hirofumi

Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra

Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra